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Our vision is to be the forerunner as the best consulting company in services and solutions for wind industry and in control room services for wind power, solar power and substation control.
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We provide technical consulting services for energy industry in Northern Europe. We offer services for energy producers, wind park developers and turbine manufacturers.

Our goal is to maximize the energy production of wind parks and minimize the service costs. We increase our client’s profits throughout the life span of their wind parks. We provide the highest standard of service at every stage of involvement. Our network enables us to be cost efficient and create true value for our clients.

Hassle-free service

Our team of Control Center Engineers monitor our customers’ power plants, substations and grid efficiently and systematically around the clock and every day of the year, 8760 hours a year, via secured remote connections. You don’t have to worry about your power plants performance and you can focus on your business.

Full service

Our Control Center Engineers and Technical Specialists are highly skilled and have a background in wind turbine design, manufacturing and maintenance. Our network enables us to be cost efficient and create true value for our clients. We operate your power plant from the beginning to the end – from take over to controlled dismantling.

Training services

We offer full onshore GWO Basic Safety Training package including Working at Heights, First Aid, Fire awareness and Manual handling. Our training facilities are located in Oulu, Finland, but can be arranged where ever. We also provide SFS6002 Electrical safety trainings.

Production Through Control Center
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Electrical Installations in our Operation Manager Service

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