8760 Control Center

Producing information when ever and where ever you want. Our control center engineers ensure the best production performance.

With Wind Controller’s 8760 Control Center services you can get the maximum production and the best performance from your investment, be it wind power, solar power, hydropower or a substation.

Our 8760 Control Center services include remote monitoring of power plants and substations, 8760 SCADA Control and reporting services.

Our team of Control Center engineers monitor our customers’ power plants, substations and grid efficiently and systematically around the clock, every day, 8760 hours a year, via secured remote connections to ensure the best production performance. This is vital when there is a growing movement towards distributed power generation.

Checks and adjustments made by our proficient Control Center Engineers, as well as their quick responding to alarms, ensures trouble-free performance of power plants and substations, thus enabling better performance quality in the long run.

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8760 Control Center services


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