8760 Scada System optimizes production

We offer our customers a chance to optimize their power plant’s and substation’s production by using our developed 8760 SCADA system.

With the help of the 8760 SCADA system, our customer can follow the operation of their equipment flexibly anywhere regardless of the equipment’s manufacturer.

We develop our system continuously and therefore we can offer services according to our customer’s needs.

Control room engineers offer 24/7 support to system operation and provide reports with short response time if needed. Our report service can be customized according to customer’s needs. Our customer has access to their production data anywhere via the portal.

8760 Scada Reduces The Operating Costs

8760 SCADA system makes it possible to detect upcoming equipment damages, reduce the repair costs, improve availability and optimize maintenance. System foresees the function of power station based on collected data and alarms.

By monitoring and controlling the individual power plants and whole wind parks, our goal is to ensure the effective energy production in power plants, to optimize the capacity, to reduce lifecycle costs, to avoid equipment damages and to collect data to predict better the performance.

We can also provide the SCADA visibility without control room service, in which case we supply only reporting and monitoring requested by customer.

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