24/7 control room adds value in TCM of renewable energy assets

Technical and commercial management is a commonly used term which is used widely in the renewable energy business. The content of the services varies widely depending of the service supplier and the actual scope of service. One of the cornerstones for turn-key TCM service providing real value is the 24/7 control room service – or in our terms 8760 control.

In the context of TCM, the control room service typically includes monitoring of the wind and solar parks, but added value can be achieved by also controlling the assets. But what are the real benefits of these two activities for the asset owner or TCM provider? Please let me tell you!

By active monitoring the park around the clock, the situation is known from the perspective of the whole production portfolio of the owner. How much you produce in each facility, how the maintenance activities are progressing what is the forecast for tomorrow.  Active monitoring of various wind parks with various turbine OEM’s in the same system, in the same room and also by the same people enables effective comparison of performance, availability, fault types and effects of environmental conditions. Any deviations can be addressed without delay towards O&M teams, TSO, Grid operator, Balance settlement, etc. Thus, monitoring promotes early intervention in the problems which may be specific and repetitive for your wind or solar power parks, leading to shorter stop times and increased production.

Monitoring service provides also independent data collection and maintenance log bookkeeping in order to accurately follow up e.g. the contractual availability and performance figures. Moreover, through customer SCADA view, the owner/TCM provider can check the status of their assets any time, regardless of time zone. Alternatively, you can always call to the control room e.g. in order to discuss about the reasons behind turbine stop or need of service. In the other end of the line there will always be an expert who knows the situation to the every detail. As a result, a control room combined with an experienced technical expert team forms a direct and transparent link between the owner and the wind park not only daily basis but rather in real time.

In addition to monitoring, it is possible to use control features, such as park level control of wind turbines. Among other things, it will enable participation on regulating power markets providing even more value to the asset owner.

For a TCM provider, control room service gives the possibility to add the greatest value the customer as described above. It is a tool in your box which is underlying your active role as a technical manager of renewable energy assets.

Wind Controller has been developing control room services for years. Needs, capabilities and equipment have changed over the time, but our objective remains the same: To increase our client’s profits from their wind and solar parks throughout their lifetime.

In case you want more information or an offer for control room services, please feel free to contact us.

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