Managing Director’s thoughts on development

We bought a generator today. It’s no big deal, just a regular generator. However it got me thinking of Wind Controller’s development in the past couple of years. 

The generator will be placed as a back-up power source in our control room. When I came to this company 5 years ago, we had just started our 24/7 operating service, I think we had about 30 wind turbines in our fleet. Back then our ”control room” was a phone and a laptop with internet connection and a VPN. And of course a handful of enthusiastic people staying awake for days in order to keep our customers’ turbines running. 

These days these enthusiastic people are among the best specialists in wind energy field. Jari is working as a site manager for our customer’s over 140MW wind park in northern Sweden. Ville is operation manager for several wind turbines and wind park substations. Pekka has performed about 300 end of warranty inspections for turbines. Matti is coaching and developing our current control room staff, 7 young engineers, constantly to match the demands now and in the future. There is now about 300MW of wind and solar power in our control room. 

Overall we have over 20 professionals in our company. We have developed, and continue to develop, our service portfolio to match the needs of the industry. It will be quite exciting to see where we will be after another 5 years.

– Kari