WiCo Inspections

The word “Inspections” might already tell you what we are talking about today.
But, before you jump ahead of things, let’s us tell you the story behind WiCo Inspections.
We, as WiCo, were well known and persistent when it came to all inspections performed in Wind Parks. We did blade inspections, wind turbine inspections, statutory inspections for all safety equipment, end of warranty and due diligence inspections and so much more.
Then, strict requirements were ruled towards the wind turbine inspection operations. It’s ruled, that to be operating as inspection service provider, companies must be accredited as an official Inspection Body to perform such services for critical safety equipment.

It was seen to be evident to separate our inspections to its own subsidiary.
To a company which core focus is on inspections, being an independent service provider while being a clear ensemble. With this our quality system would have definite boundaries. There were also some business grounds that helped us with the decision making, but the biggest driver towards the separation was accreditation.
To truly have the status and recognition that our work deserves, we needed to break a part of our own wing, for it to grow and shine.

So became the first of our subsidiary’s, WiCo Inspections.

In the beginning, Kari Koivikko, took the charge of our subsidiary’s but in January 2021, he passed on the scepters.

And the right man to take the lead, Ville Koskela.

“It was a huge work and investment from us to get the company up and certified. Our team did amazing job with this. I have now stepped aside from the daily operations at WiCo Inspections, and I’m eager to see how the team will develop the company further.” says Kari Koivikko, the Managing Director of WiCo

“For me this is a great opportunity to take a focused approach in developing our inspection services to the next and yet more comprehensive level. The FINAS accreditation is a great start for our growth to become the leading wind power inspections company.” says Ville Koskela, Managing Director of Wico Inspections.

WiCo Inspections came its own company in the spring on 2020, starting its business just a year ago, in May 2020. They got certified as an Independent Accredited  Inspection Body in December of 2020. The accreditation is overseen by Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS).
FINAS is the national accreditation body in Finland. FINAS accredits inspection bodies, certification bodies, laboratories, providers of proficiency testing and environmental and greenhouse gas verifiers. Finnish Accreditation Service is a unit of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, Tukes. FINAS operations are directed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

WiCo Inspections still does all of our Inspections. Their spectrum has only gotten bigger and they have already recruited 3 more experts to their lineup, total of 6 team members.

Their experts are addressing customers’ technical challenges daily, either in a single case or in larger projects. Their inspection services include a large spectrum of professional power plant inspections. With regular inspections the operation of production equipment, quality of maintenance and safety of devices are ensured. Their long experience and optimized content in the inspections ensure that inspection is as valuable as possible, and customers get the best with their money. Their technical team has expertise in the whole life cycle of a power plant, from design table to manufacturing and operation and finally to controlled dismantling.

Earlier a large group of our staff executed these inspections. Our experts didn’t always have the necessary time to dedicate in to them, which made it harder for us, to organize them.
Now with WiCo Inspections, it’s much easier to organize time tables for our customers, when we have a dedicated group of highly trained and skilled experts to make sure everything runs smoothly.

With more than 600 inspections scheduled for 2021, the spring time is the busiest time of the year for WiCo Inspections. Gladly they have all the needed resources to answer to customers’ needs.

Key values of WiCo Inspections

  • Less downtime
  • Cost efficiency
  • Easy partner for customer
  • Securing safe work environments in wind power
  • Preferred Nordic Inspection service provide

We see the future bright, safe and windy for WiCo Inspections!