WiCo Safety


The foundation for all our operations and the back bone of our work. It has been our primary goal and mission all this time.

It is time to introduce you to our second subsidiary, WiCo Safety.

Maintenance work, repairs, safety equipment inspections and fire extinguisher inspections were in our service offering all along, but the demand grew faster than any of us expected.

We decided to separate our safety services from the parent company in May of 2020. The reasons behind this separation were law requirement. We needed to be an accredited service body, to clearly separate our safety services.

The former Managing Director Kari Koivikko saw the potential for growth and decided to dedicate his full attention on the parent company WiCo.
We needed a highly skilled technician to take on the rules of WiCo Safety.

“The choice was obvious. As I passed on the reigns, we needed the follower to be an expert of many kinds. Someone who can develop and grow the business to become a market leader. Someone who knows the industries ins and outs. Someone who is not only a great leader but also a hard working team player. With Marko’s passion for safety, precision and sustainability, I knew that he was the right choice.”  says Kari Koivikko, the Managing Director of WiCo.

It was clear, that Marko Korkeamaa was the one for the job.

“I was ready for the challenge. I started with WiCo in 2014 as a trainee and worked my way to a site operations manager at the same time developing and growing the safety business. I’d been gathering the troops for a while, so the transition to Managing Director was natural. Now I can focus my time on developing our specialty maintenance services”  says Marko Korkeamaa, the Managing Director of WiCo Safety.

WiCo Safety’s certified and experienced team takes care of the yearly maintenance and repairs of wind turbines’ critical safety equipment. Their experts are highly skilled and qualified with a strong background in wind turbine design, manufacturing and maintenance which makes it possible from them to understand clients’ needs and requirements. They started out with a group of 3 and within a year, the personnel have grown up to 10.

“The spectrum in safety and maintenance services is massive. We want to stand out from basic maintenance, by focusing our expertise and services on safety equipments and specialty maintenance”  says Mr. Korkeamaa.

With their network, fulfilling the required services in a cost-efficient is way to create more value for customers.
Their goal is to maximize the energy production of wind parks and minimize the service costs, increasing the profitability for clients throughout the wind park lifetime. To ensure this WiCo Safety provides the highest standard of service at every stage of involvement. They ensure your wind park’s smooth operation and save you money by reducing the downtime of your power plant.

WiCo Safety has become a key player in the wind turbine safety equipment and maintenance field in Finland and Sweden.

“We want to maximize our clienteles proceeds from their wind parks with secure, fully functioning and safe equipment. We want to guarantee the safety of those working in wind power”  says Marko Korkeamaa.