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Safety. The foundation for all our operations and the back bone of our work. It has been our primary goal and mission all this time. It is time to introduce image/svg+xml

WiCo Inspections


The word “Inspections” might already tell you what we are talking about today. But, before you jump ahead of things, let’s us tell you the story behind WiCo Inspections. We, image/svg+xml

24/7 control room adds value in TCM of renewable energy assets


Technical and commercial management is a commonly used term which is used widely in the renewable energy business. The content of the services varies widely depending of the service supplier image/svg+xml

Statutory inspections in wind turbines – the owner’s responsibility


During the last couple of years we have had many discussions with wind park owners and asset managers regarding statutory inspections in Finland. There is one quite common misunderstanding which image/svg+xml

Managing Director’s thoughts on development


We bought a generator today. It’s no big deal, just a regular generator. However it got me thinking of Wind Controller’s development in the past couple of years.  The generator image/svg+xml

Truely smart clothes are soon reality


Wind Controller is taking part in the development of smart clothing in the VTT’s Smart Clothing 2.0 project. The purpose of the project is to apply the current smart clothing image/svg+xml