Esa Ala-Honkola

Wind Controller Oy is expanding its geographical coverage in Finland.

The newest office is located in Seinäjoki area, from where Business Development Director Esa Ala-Honkola works.

He graduated as an electrical and automation engineer from the Vaasa Polytechnic, and he has worked in the energy sector throughout his career. Ala-Honkola has also studied MBA studies at the Levón Institute in the University of Vaasa.

Ala-Honkola was involved in design and commissioning of renewable energy thermal power plant projects for European sites in the early days of his engineering career. Most recently, he was in charge of VEO Oy’s electrical and automation expert services business.

Sales and marketing, business development and working with clients are Ala-Honkola’s passions at work. His sales profile is a B2B solution salesman.

Forestry, skiing, orienteering, cycling, mountain biking and family’s sport activities keep the man busy outside work.

“I want to make sure, that power will remain on and the houses warm in Finland also in the future. That’s why I’ve chosen to work in the energy sector.”