Heikki Eksymä

Heikki Eksymä is a Senior Technical Specialist at Wind Controller and last December he received an S1 qualification. The qualification entitles you to work as electrical work manager and operation manager. With this new qualification, he can also work as an operation manager for wind park substations. Every electrical device over 1000 V must have a designated and qualified operation manager.

Eksymä has a degree in electrical power engineering. He did eight years of industrial automation, programming and electrification throughout Europe and Russia, and also spent three years automating trains and trams.

He has gained the professional experience required for S1 at WinWind (six years) and Wind Controller over three years as an electrical engineer and software developer. He has developed control systems for Winwind turbines and software for wind farm substation monitoring as well as provided tech support.

Eksymä is originally from Kuusamo, but he used to live in Haukipudas. In the spring of 2019 he headed back to Kuusamo with his family. Now he works from his home office and occasionally goes to work in Oulu.

Eksymä’s job is not tied to a place, as he works remotely anyway.

“It doesn’t matter from where you do the update, does it!” he laughs.

Eksymä is interested in hunting and he  likes to spend his time motorcycling in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter. Sometimes he has also been seen playing the guitar or behind the drums.