Kari Koivikko

I’m Kari Koivikko, the CEO of Wind Controller. I’m a 37-year-old Master of Science in engineering and I come from Oulu. I have two daughters aged two and four.

2006 my friend gave me a tip about a job as a buyer at WinWind. After a short consideration I sent them an application and as it happened, a couple of days later I was already working. Winwind offered me a well-placed post at the wind power business and I ended up spending seven years there.

Kari Koivikko

I experienced many great and some not so great things at Winwind, but more than anything I got valuable lessons in wind power and business in overall.

Winwind went bankrupt in Autumn 2013, after which I shifted to Wind Controller, first in sales and later in management. Now, five years later, we have grown WiCo a business with over 2 000 000 euro’s turnover and 20 employees.

The best thing about my job is to get to learn more about the business from world’s leading experts. On the basis of those experiences we can work on new things, services and procedures together.