Kimmo Kaappola

Back in business!

It is great to come back to wind power business in the Nordics after five very interesting years in Bristol, UK. In the UK I was part of “underwater wind power” making tidal turbines taking energy from tidal streams.

The tidal turbines are interesting machines, utilizing the best experiences and supply chain from both wind and oil & gas industry. My employer there was Atlantis ( However, it is now time to head back to Finland and join the WiCo team. I wish all the best to the Atlantis team.

I left WiCo early 2014 and now returning I am amazed how the company has grown professionally. WiCo is now in a unique position being an only company who can provide a full “Wind to Wire” services in Finland.  WiCo’s high calibre engineers understand not only the turbine but also all the required electrical distribution around it.  Since 2014 WiCo has also built a world class 24/7 control centre operating assets like wind turbines, solar plants and substations. All this is supplemented with a well-established partner network if special skills are required.

My role as a business development director is to package all the needed services to the wind power investors to keep their asset safe and productive at all time. I am thrilled and really looking forward working in the Finnish Wind Power industry.