Tero Määttä

I am Tero Määttä, an 41 years old automation engineer, originally from Kuusamo. I live in Oulu with my wife and three daughters.

I headed towards the wind power industry 12 years ago, as I was interested in renewable energy and it felt like a thing of the future. I also thought that the seascapes, on which the mills were built, were fascinating. It felt like an interesting opportunity to get away from the robots of electronics factories and to do something like this.

Tero Määttä

My wind power career started at WinWind as an automation engineer. Step by step I proceeded to be the chief engineer and team leader of the automation and software division. After WinWind went bankrupt, I continued the same things with Wind Controller.

During the past three years, the company has grown: new forms of renewable energy have been brought in the picture, so the work has also changed quite a lot. I’m currently working as the Engineering Manager.

The best thing about my job is that I still find the production of renewable energy interesting. It also seems to be a lot more ”a thing of the future” now, than it was ten years ago. Competent, great colleagues, an optimal size working environment and freedom of work makes this job meaningful.