Ville Irvankoski

– Inside scoop to the man who likes to stay outside the frame.

For us in WiCo, he is the one who knows it all when it comes to any Electrical works, on paper or on site.

But for an outsider he is an average Joe,
and they couldn’t be more wrong.

If we base our story for a moment to the technical side of things, we’re still talking about an engineer, only the work history will tell you that Ville is a hard worker and does it with a great passion. He started his journey in industrial automation when he graduated as an Electrical Engineer. He has a true interest in the generation of electricity, power, and renewable energy.

“Wind power is such an interesting species, as it has a large spectrum of technicalities, that you get to work with in the power plant and in electricity supply. It’s remarkable how we can make electricity out of thin air, from the smallest of wind molecules, we can generate a significant amount of power.”

Now with more than 25 years of experience in the field and over 20 years as a certified S1 electrician, he has earned his title to oversee all our company’s electrical installations. He has a deep understanding to the wind turbine’s electrical systems, a strong experience in trouble shooting and problem solving in site conditions and he has several years’ experience in customer interface. Ville has an extensive lore to wind parks, from planning the new into the production. The man also knows his way abouts on the legal field of wind parks, as he has a strong knowledge on electrical legislation of Finland and Europe. Ville also has seen the industry on many corners of the world and with that, he has learned to appreciate the loyalty that Finnish companies have for their employees.

“WiCo as a work community is unmatched. The highly skilled and knowledgeable older crew mixed in with young and eager new graduates, makes our dream team outstanding. And the work atmosphere here at WiCo is excellent.”

But if you want to get to know this outstanding person, you’ll find a determined, funny and an easy-going man.
The green-thinking doesn’t stop to his work ethics, the commutes he travels by a bike, thru summer, and winter. He is a true advocate for work commute cycling.

“I have a strong belief in growth, and it warms my heart that this industry and its new projects aren’t founded or supported by any governments money, it’s strictly market based. Hopefully that brings more general acceptance to Wind Power. And with that I believe that the Wind provided energy keeps on growing in Finland.”
We are proud to call him one of us and to see him succeed in all the fields that he conquers.