• Experience from manufacture to operation

    Experience from manufacture to operation

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    Anywhere, every day, 24/7

  • Ensuring your production

    Ensuring your production

Wind Controller

  • Our Company

    Our Company

    Wind Controller has been providing technical consulting services for the Northern European wind industry since 2012. Our offering includes a variety of services for wind, solar and hydro energy producers, wind park developers and turbine manufacturers.

    Site acceptance inspections
    Wind park development
    Warranty, turbine, lift and safety inspections
    GWO-safety training

    Our operation and technical specialists are highly skilled and qualified with a strong background in wind turbine design, manufacturing and maintenance which enables us to understand the needs and requirements of our clients.

    Our network enables us to carry out all required services in a cost efficient way, which creates great value for our clients. The goal of Wind Controller is to maximize the energy production of wind parks and minimize the service costs, increasing the profitability for our clients throughout the wind park lifetime. To ensure this we provide the highest standard of service at every stage of involvement.

    Wind Controller - AAA Cridatability
    Wind Controller - Achiever 2016
  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Wind Controller employees are carefully selected. Our team includes world class experts of every technical area. They are chosen not only for their experience but also for their skills and passion for wind turbines. Our personnel is supported by a strong, highly skilled and knowledgeable management team.

    The majority of the Wind Controller team has several years of experience in wind turbine development, manufacturing and maintenance. Our technical personnel is qualified for managing all challenges during wind turbine life cycle. We are proud to offer such a competent team to support our clients in their every day and long term activities.


Services for the Energy Industry

We provide technical consulting services for the energy industry in Northern Europe. We provide monitoring and consulting services that ensures optimal and trouble free energy production for energy producers, wind park developers and turbine manufacturers.


Wind Controller Certified Safety Courses

We offer GWO certified trainings in Finland in our indoor training facilities located in Oulu. The onshore GWO Basic Safety Training package including Working at Heights, First Aid, Fire awareness and Manual handling. We also provide SFS6002 electrical safety trainings specialized in working with wind turbines. In addition to our safety courses we provide statutory safety equipment inspections or complete package of periodical safety equipment maintenance.