Wind Controller, the only training provider of full onshore GWO safety training package in Finland

Wind Controller expands safety training portfolio: Full onshore GWO certified training packages and SFS6002 Electrical Safety Trainings now available for enrollment.

Wind Controller has widened Safety Control service portfolio by adding three new GWO certified training modules to the course offering. We now offer full onshore GWO certified safety training packages including the modules Working at Heights, Fire Awareness, First Aid and Manual Handling. A few weeks back Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy granted GWO certificates to Wind Controller for Fire Awareness, First Aid and Manual Handling modules. To complete the training portfolio Wind Controller will start organizing SFS6002 Electrical Safety Trainings later on this summer. Training facilities are located in Oulu and depending on the participants’ language preference courses can be held both in Finnish and English.

For more information contact our GWO Training Coordinator Marko Korkeamaa. Follow the link for enrolling: