Wind Controller starts GWO-trainings in Vantaa

Wind Controller has started cooperation with Janneniska and Bladefence to arrange certified GWO safety trainings in Vantaa. The training covers all the onshore modules: Working at Heights, First Aid, Fire Awareness and Manual handling courses.

The trainings are arranged at Janneniska premises in Tuupakka, Vantaa. The cooperation was begun by full GWO training for Bladefence and Janneniska personnel. In addition to GWO modules, Janneniska and Bladefence personnel is trained yearly trained for escape from aerial platfrom (photo). Starting from April-May 2017, The trainings will be available for all people working on the wind energy branch.  The courses will soon be published in our course calendar.

For some years already, Wind Controller has been offering corresponding trainings in Oulu . “We wanted broaden our training offering to Southern Finland and at the same time encourage safe working methods on the field of wind energy. We worked out a reasonable collaboration model with Janneniska and Bladefence and all preparations have run smoothly” says Wind Controller Managing Director Kari Koivikko.

“GWO-trainings has become an standard on global field of wind energy and we are glad about the cooperation with Wind Controller, which is providing a high-quality training arranged within good traffic connections, close to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. We have had collaboration with Wind Controller during many years and this is a natural step to even closer cooperation” comments Managing Director Ville Karkkolainen from Bladefence.

More information about GWO-trainings can be found here

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