Pekka Vähäoja receives MIBoC's Category III Vibration Analyst Certification

Wind Controller’s Senior Technical Specialist, Ph.D. Pekka Vähäoja has received ISO 18436-2 accredited Vibration Analyst Certification (Category III) for industrial condition monitoring by Mobius Institute (MIBoC).

The special training for Industrial condition monitoring vibration analysts in Finland was organized by SKF on behalf of Australian Mobius Institute. Internationally recognized certification follows the requirements of ISO 18436-2 standard and the actual personal certification was granted by Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC).

The Category III certified Vibration Analysts must be able to i.a. diagnose the common faults of machines equipped with rolling element bearings, to have comprehensive understanding of the faults of journal bearing machines, to perform resonance testing and corrective actions for encountered issues, to use efficiently alternative vibration analyzing techniques and condition monitoring procedures. Essential part of the Category III certification is the analyst’s ability to design and manage condition monitoring programs in addition to providing technical guidance and mentoring for lower category analysts.

Currently there are approximately 50 Category III certified analysts in Finland and the Master level Category IV certified analysts less than a dozen. The obtained personal certification verifies the international competence of the condition monitoring personnel.

Ph.D. Senior Technical Specialist Pekka Vähäoja has been working for Wind Controller since May 2014 and he is in charge of condition monitoring and 3rd party inspections of wind turbines. Pekka has over 10 years of experience from industrial condition monitoring and his doctorate “Oil analysis in machine diagnostics” considered condition monitoring and lubricating oil analysis of industrial machinery.

Wind Controller congratulates Pekka for this great achievement!