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    Experience from manufacture to operation

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    Ensuring your production

Wind Controller


Renewable energy services

Wind Controller provides technical consulting services for the renewable energy sector.

We offer power plant and substation monitoring services for renewable energy producers, consulting services for wind park developers and wind turbine manufacturers as well as comprehensive safety trainings.

Our services cover all the phases of modern energy production from planning to maintenance.

Our control room engineers and technical specialists are highly skilled and have a solid background in wind turbine design, manufacturing and maintenance. This background and our collective experience and know-how give us a good understanding of the needs of our clients and the expectations in the wind energy sector.

All renewable energy services in one place

By utilizing our professional network, we are able to provide all necessary services for our customers flexibly with just one contract, and with high quality and cost effectiveness.

Our goal is to maximize our customers’ energy production and minimize the maintenance costs throughout the lifespans of their power plants. We always aim to provide the highest standard of service at every stage of involvement.

Our extensive network enables us to provide real added value for our customers at competitive prices.

Wind Controller is a pioneer and the leading consulting services provider in the wind power industry as well as a flexible and reliable partner both now and in the years to come. 

Manage your investment 8760 hours a year

Our 8760 Control services include remote monitoring of power plants and substations, SCADA control and reporting services. Our control center engineers monitor your power plants and substations around the clock every day of the year to ensure continued energy production. With our 8760 Control services you can get the maximum production and the best performance from your investment, be it wind power, solar power, hydropower or a substation.

Extensive inspection services

Our Technical specialist services include wind turbine inspections as well as operation manager services for the turbine, substation and grid. We also provide condition monitoring services and software development for wind energy, tailored to your needs.

GWO Certified Courses and statutory safety inspections

We offer full onshore GWO Basic Safety Training package including Working at Heights, First Aid, Fire awareness and Manual handling. We also provide SFS6002 electrical safety trainings specialized in working with wind turbines. Our training facilities are in Oulu, Finland.

In addition our specialists are certified and experienced in executing statutory safety equipment inspections required by Finnish authorities, especially in wind turbines.

  • Control Center
    8760 Control

    8760 Control over your investment

    8760 Control service consists of wind turbine and substation monitoring, SCADA control and reporting service. Our team of engineers are working around the clock, 365 days a year to keep production running smoothly.With our control room -service you can get the maximum sustainable power from your wind, solar or hydro powerplant.

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  • Specialist services
    Specialist Services

    Technical consulting service

    Our Technical Control services consist of turbine inspection services, electrical operation management of turbines, substations and grids and condition monitoring service tailored according to your needs.

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  • Training Services
    Training Services

    GWO certified courses and safety inspections

    Safety is number one priority when working at heights. We are offering GWO certified safety trainings in Finland.

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