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Solar Power

Wind Controller controls your Solar Power plant for you around the clock

Control and monitoring system for solar power has been constructed together with Etelä-Savon Energia (ESE). There are different tools built in to the system for analyzing and presenting the data received from Solar Power plant. The system is being constantly developed according to the customers’ needs.

Our Control Center monitors both the performance of the power plant and control system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When necessary, our control center engineers perform basic trouble shooting. ESE’s specialist organization uses the same control system for more detailed analysis and planning of development measures, if needed.

Remote production monitoring and control minimizes the need for local controlling and first and foremost facilitates service and maintenance of the solar power station. At the same time we make sure that solar power station produces maximal amount of solar energy. By analysis of capacity we can discover the fading of panels considering of the production life cycle of 25 years.

When production of solar power station falls behind with set targets, problems can be taken care of without delays. Control and monitoring software in our control room includes the machine learning forecast of production, helping for example to learn how shades and reflections affect to production.