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  • Training Services

    GWO certified courses. Working at Heights, First Aid, Fire Awareness and Manual Handling courses monthly

Training services

We offer high-altitude work safety training for wind turbine environment as well as other high work environments.

Safety is first priority when working on heights.

Having an up to date safety training is very important when working under difficult conditions. Our certified training system guarantees the high quality of our safety trainings at all situations.

We organize different trainings for work safety according to our customers’ needs. Our training services include also statutory safety equipment inspections, wind turbine lift maintenance as well as the statutory personal protective equipment (PPE) inspections

In addition to our standard training, we provide special trainings on request. This special training could be for example self-rescue from the hub or technical training.

Couldnt’t find a suitable training from our standard trainings? Please let us know your thoughts and we’ll tailor a training module to suit your and your organizations’ needs specifically.

  • GWO Certified Courses

    GWO Certified Courses

    Safety is number one priority when working at heights. We are offering GWO certified trainings in Finland. In our indoor training facilities located in Oulu we can offer full onshore GWO Basic Safety Training package including Working at Heights, First Aid, Fire awareness and Manual handling. We also provide SFS6002 electrical safety trainings specialized in working with wind turbines. In addition to our safety courses we provide statutory safety equipment inspections or complete package of periodical safety equipment maintenance.
    Our GWO BST Working at heights Certificate
    Our GWO BST First aid, Fire awareness, Manual handling Certificate

    Basic Safety Training and Basic Safety Training Refresher
    SFS6002 electrical safety training

    Our next GWO certified courses

  • Working at Heights Course

    Working at Heights Course

    The aim of this course is to give the participants the necessary basic knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical training to use basic PPE and perform safe work at heights and safe and comprehensive basic rescue from heights in a remote wind turbine environment in accordance with Basic Safety Training (BST) module Working at Heights.

  • Working at Heights Objectives

    The objectives of the BST Working at Heights module are to ensure that:
    The delegates are able to demonstrate knowledge of hazards and risks associated with working at height specific to a WTG.
    The delegates are able to demonstrate understanding of current national legislation regarding working at heights.
    The delegates are able to demonstrate correct identification of PPE, including identification of European / Global standard markings e.g. harness, hard hat, lanyards etc.
    The delegates are able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills to correctly inspect, service, store and don the relevant PPE e.g. harness, lanyards, fall arresters and work positioning equipment.
    The delegates are able to demonstrate correct use of the relevant PPE e.g. harnesses lanyards, fall arresters and work positioning equipment. This includes correct identification of anchor points and correct ladder conduct.
    The delegates are able to demonstrate correct use of evacuation devices.
    The delegates are able to demonstrate how to approach rescue situations in WTG and use rescue equipment efficiently.

  • Customer Satisfaction Matters

    Customer Satisfaction Matters

    We succeed through satisfied customers. Satisfying customers requires us to understand how each customer defines their own version of a "great experience. The graph below shows our customers satisfaction to our GWO-safety training by month.

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