• GWO Certified Trainings
  • GWO Certified Trainings

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We have tailored a SFS6002 standard electrical safety training for wind industry needs.

SFS6002 is a mandatory training for all persons performing electrical works in Finland, including persons working as a foreman, operator or specialist. The standard sets demand for safe operation of electrical equipment and working close to electrical equipment. These demands include all operation, installations and maintenance.

SFS6002 training should correspond to the duties where trained persons operate. Content of the training is specified in the standard and is focused on general electrical safety. In our training we bring up our experience in wind turbines and spesifically the potential electrical hazards in wind turbine environment. The training can be organized in our training facilities or anywhere in Finland.

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Working at Heights Refresher 23.5.2018 Oulu Finnish/English 8 hours Wille Seitamo FULL
Working at Heights 31.5.-1.6.2018 Oulu Finnish/English 16 hours Oula-Matti Peltonen 7
Working at Heights Refresher 11.6.2018 Oulu Finnish 8 hours Pasi Grönberg 4
Working at Heights Refresher 12.6.2018 Oulu Finnish/English 8 hours Pasi Grönberg FULL
Manual Handling 13.6.2018 Oulu Finnish 4 hours Heikki Mukka FULL
Fire Awareness 13.6.2018 Oulu Finnish 4 hours Heikki Mukka FULL
First Aid Refresher 14.6.2018 Oulu Finnish 8 hours Heikki Mukka FULL

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For cancellations made later than 14 days prior to the course we will charge 50 % of the course fee. For cancellations made 7 days preceding course or ignoring cancellation notice we will charge 100 % of the course fee. In case of emergency or sickness we will charge only office expenses 100 €. In this case a sickness certificate must be presented within 7 days.

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