Going towards smaller carbon footprint

WiCo Carbon Footprint

When assessing the climate impact of a company’s operations, calculating the carbon footprint is becoming a big trend in the corporate world.

The carbon footprint measures the ecological burden on the environment and climate caused by the activities of an individual, community or company. The carbon footprint tells you how much of the greenhouse gas emissions mentioned above operators produce.

Our carbon footprint has now also been calculated and Wind Controller Oy’s carbon footprint in the operating year 2019 was 60 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

As a single figure, 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent seems like a large number.

Average carbon footprint of a Finnish individual per year is about ten tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, so our current operations produce as much carbon dioxide emissions as six Finns. But when we take into account our company size and our international operations, the carbon footprint is relatively small. Most of it comes from business travel and the mobile nature of our team’s work.

Also in theory – cutting some corners – our 60 ton carbon footprint could be compensated with 200MWh of wind energy. We do not produce wind power ourself, but in 2019 over 700 000 MWh of our customer’s wind power was produced under supervision of our control center  – 3500 times more than our carbon footprint compensation.

Despite the fact that our footprint is quite small, we are committed to make our carbon footprint even smaller in the future. We will take all reasonable measures to ensure that our process and working methods make sure that our carbon footprint stays on a sustainable level.

We will let you know about the measures, actions and arrangements we are doing in the near future!