VSB Group / VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi Oy is building a new wind farm near Kalajoki. 

With Juurakko, we’re not just talking about a wind farm. Juurakko will be Finland’s first industrial-scale wind-solar hybrid power park. With 7 Nordex N-163 WTG’s and solar panels, this hybrid power park will reach the production of 40 MW of wind power.

If you’re not familiar with the journey it takes to build a wind park, VSB has made it blatantly clear with Juurakko. The planning for this project has started in 2013 and now, in early March 2022 the Juurakko substation was electrified. The turbines will follow during this spring and the solar park will be completed in 2023.

“As a well-known, reliable and local company WiCo is an excellent choice for a service provider to Juurakko”, says Seppo Tallgren, Managing Director of VSB’s Finnish subsidiary VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi Oy. 

“We are looking forward to working with WiCo, who have convinced us with their great know-how, experience and proximity to the Juurakko wind farm,” explains Georg Meyer, Head of Technical Management of VSB Service GmbH. 

WiCo has been selected to carry out our all-inclusive service package, including maintenance and 24/7 monitoring for substation and internal grid but also an Operation Manager of electrical installation services for the electrical balance of plant as well as our Operation Support Services for turbines operation.  

“We are always happy to get new customer to consume our combined services in needs of renewable energy production. In this case technical expertise services expands our base services of eBoP” says Esa Ala-Honkola, Business Development Engineer of WiCo. 

We are honoured to be a part on Finland’s first hybrid power park and to start our cooperation with VSB Group. 

Now let’s get to work!