Online Condition Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of mechanical condition of wind turbine’s power unit (that in most cases consists of a main bearing, gearbox and generator) is used to find possible mechanical faults in it at the earliest possible stage. When the faults e.g. in bearings or gear wheels can be found as soon as they appear, the possible repair actions can be planned to be made in the best possible time with the lowest possible production loss considering the spare part needs, service personnel availability or even crane mobilization in the large repair projects. Additionally, the repair project can be planned to a low wind period in the best case.

The usual online condition monitoring system consist of a vibration monitoring system at least i.e. accelerometers placed on the specific positions of the power unit in order to reveal both normal and especially the harmful vibration of the monitored components. Vibration monitoring system usually also collects the generator rpm data to ease the vibration analysis. The condition monitoring system can and should also be enhanced by adding an oil particle counter to the lubrication system (usually at least the gearbox is oil-lubricated). It is a well known fact that often the oil particle analysis can reveal the wearing process before anything suspicious can be found e.g. from the vibration or temperature measurements. A great deal of “process data” i.e. temperatures, pressures, etc. from the turbine controller can also be added to the condition monitoring system to help to make the correct analyses of the power unit condition.

If your turbine does not have an existing online condition monitoring system or you want to upgrade your system we can help you by offering you a state of the art vibration monitoring and oil particle monitoring systems together with our suppliers. The data collected in your turbine can be guided to our condition monitoring server and our Control room engineers monitor your turbines 24/7. Our condition monitoring team can tackle the more demanding analysis tasks. They have several years of experience in wind turbine condition monitoring and are ISO 18436-2 certified Vibration Analysts.

It is also possible to use your existing condition monitoring system. Just let our experts to get access to your system and we can do the monitoring and analysis. If something alarming is found from the condition monitoring data you will receive a Fault report with recommended future actions. We can also provide periodical condition monitoring reports of all the turbines of your wind park.

Offline condition monitoring

With all turbines it may not be feasible to build an online condition monitoring systems, but nevertheless mechanical condition of their power units should be known. In that case it possible to order us to carry out offline condition monitoring measurements on site. Our specialists can e.g. carry out vibration monitoring measurement by a portable instrument

with regular intervals. At the same visits we can collect e.g. lubrication or hydraulic oil samples or cooling fluid samples. Those samples would then be analysed in laboratories specialized in these analyses. Thermal imaging of the electrical cabinets, pumps, etc. is also an easy way to find faulty equipment and can be ordered from us.

Results of all the analyses carried out will be reported to you with the recommended next actions by our experts who have several years of experience in offline condition monitoring measurements.

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