Energiequelle and Wind Controller start cooperation

We are excited to announce a new operation and maintenance agreement which has been signed with Paltusmäen Tuulivoima Oy, represented by Energiequelle Oy, which is a subsidiary of Energiequelle GmbH from Kallinchen, Germany.

The contract covers the maintenance and operation of the grid and substations of the wind park. In addition WiCo is cooperating with Energiequelle GmbH in technical operations management of the wind park. We will provide a local presence for the company with skilled professionals working with the daily operations of the wind park.

Paltusmäki wind park is Energiequelle’s first park in Finland. It is completely free of government subsidies, and funded with private equity. The park has 5 turbines with a total production capacity of 21.8MW. The park is currently under construction and it will be fully operational later this year.

Energiequelle is planning to increase its footprint in Finland further in the future, with several different wind park projects under construction and in the planning phase. When built, these parks will provide a total production capacity of over 800 MW of renewable energy.

“We are glad to be able to support Energiequelle launching their production in Finland. Cooperation on technical operations management is also yet another example how we can adjust our services according to Customer’s needs”, says Kari Koivikko, Managing Director of Wind Controller.

“We are happy, that with Wind Controller we have found an experienced and competent partner that will support Energiequelle with technical operations management of the wind park as well as with the operation of the grid and substation”, says Lars Schiller, Head of Operational Management at Energiequelle GmbH.