Close co-operation between WiCo and Haminan Energia

Haminan Energia was the first customer in Wind Controller’s history. Haminan Energia’s Business Manager Heikki Lappalainen says that in 2012 the wind power industry was in trouble due to the bankruptcy of WinWind, as the players in the field needed day-to-day monitoring, operations and other expert services for wind turbines. Jari Valle responded to customers’ cry and established WiCo.

“Wind Controller’s expertise and skill in wind power, especially with WinWind turbines, was superior to others, so co-operation was natural,” Lappalainen says.

According to him, WiCo has grown as a company year after year and their expertise is now covering other turbine types as well.

The co-operation between WiCo and Hamina Energia is currently close and it includes wind power operation and monitoring services as well as condition monitoring services. WiCo also consults Haminan Energia in many other problem areas and faults in wind turbines.

“We have recently started a collaboration where we offer Wind Controller maintenance and installation resources for Hyundai Power Plants. The liaison between Haminan Energia and Wind Controller will continue to be solid in the future as well,” says Lappalainen.

“The Wind Controller is an easily approachable, flexible, evolving and trustworthy partner. They do all the things they promise.”

Haminan Energia Oy is a local and traditional energy company owned by the City of Hamina. Haminan Energia is a pioneer in renewable energy and energy gases. The company invests in wind power, bioenergy and LNG market development. Haminan Energia also provides versatile maintenance and upkeep services.