OX2 trusts Wind Controller

OX2 is a company that develops, builds, finances and operates renewable energy production facilities in the Nordic countries. Wind power is the company’s largest form of energy production, but they have expanded their expertise extensively, for example, to solar and bioenergy.

OX2’s Project Manager Pasi Tammivaara says that renewable energy companies have a lot of work on their shoulders and with their own resources often limited, expertise needs to be purchased elsewhere. According to Tammivaara, the Finnish market is small, and it is not always easy to find enough competent and flexible partners. OX2 uses partners that experience has shown to be suitable. Wind Controller differs from competitors by the fact that renewable energy production facilities can get turnkey services, operation and maintenance from them.

“Wind Controller has agilely developed its own concept. All the necessary services are provided by one agreement, which eventually positively reflects in the prices.”

OX2 and Wind Controller have been collaborating since 2016, when Wind Controller started as a consultant at Kemi’s Ajos wind park, working first with turbines and later with the power grid and it’s control. Wind Contoller was also a wind turbine expert at the OX2 Lapua wind park, and since then the co-operation has expanded to Kokkola on 2017.

In Finland, renewable energy companies often have to acquire control, operation and maintenance of substations from a third party, because the major network companies refuse.

Tammivaara is therefore very pleased with how Wind Controller has taken over its responsibilities. Even if the company itself does not have enough resources, they can get the missing pieces with their own extensive network.

“Wind Controller has already demonstrated very good attitude and ability to solve difficult issues in OX2’s Finnish projects, so in the future cooperation between OX2 and Wind Controller is not limited only to Finland.”