Seeing the future together – ESE and WiCo

Etelä-Savon Energia Oy (ESE) is an energy company owned by the City of Mikkeli. ESE was founded in 1900 and is known as an ecological energy producer.

ESE began to invest heavily in solar energy back in 2013. Solar power business unit is currently a dynamic start up within ESE. ESE’s own energy management system, Foremica®, has also been added to the product catalogue.

The collaboration between WiCo and ESE started in Vaasa Energy Week in 2016. ESE’s Product manager Toni Hannula was looking for a partner at the trade show to monitor solar power plants, but suitable partner was yet to be found. Wind Controller served free coffee at their booth and it was doing it’s job: Hannula had some coffee and started to talk to WiCo’s workers. The solar power plant in Mäkelänkangas was under construction at that time and Wind Controller’s Managing director Kari Koivikko was interested. The rest of the year was used in planning and the co-operation started officially at the beginning of 2017.

Wind Controller and ESE have worked together in the Mäkelänkangas energy park, where WiCo is responsible for monitoring four wind turbines. ESE takes care of the supervision and maintenance of the solar power plant. With ESE’s solar power expertise, Wind Controller is the first company to provide comprehensive control services in wind, solar and battery monitoring in Finland.

Toni Hannula says that the solar power business unit of ESE and Wind Controller are both agile operators. Together they can tailor the service to perfectly fit their customers.

The two companies are continuously developing their co-operation. The companies have done product development in addition to monitoring, so that they can meet the needs of future energy controlling.

Hannula says, that the companies openly discussed the future straight from the beginning and they started to look for ways to make the plans reality. ESE uses machine-based algorithms and artificial intelligence in the applications they have developed. One example is Foremica©, which is an intelligent terminal that works together with Wind Controller’s 8760 Control Center. The information analyzed by the device is reported to the customer.

Hannula praises the co-operation between ESE and WiCo to be strong and multi-dimensional.

“Our focus is not solely on our co-operation with customer service, we are also seeing the future together.”

WiCo and ESE do a close co-operation