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Seeing the future together – ESE and WiCo

Etelä-Savon Energia Oy (ESE) is an energy company owned by the City of Mikkeli. ESE was founded in 1900 and is image/svg+xml ...

Close co-operation between WiCo and Haminan Energia

Haminan Energia was the first customer in Wind Controller’s history. Haminan Energia’s Business Manager Heikki Lappalainen says that in 2012 the image/svg+xml ...

OX2 trusts Wind Controller

OX2 is a company that develops, builds, finances and operates renewable energy production facilities in the Nordic countries. Wind power is image/svg+xml ...

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    We have already worked with these wind turbine models:

    ALSTOM ECO 110
    ALSTOM ECO 122
    BONUS 1 MW
    BONUS 2 MW
    ENERCON E-101
    GAMESA G128 4.5MW
    GAMESA G128 5.0MW
    HYUNDAI HQ2000
    NORDEX N117
    NORDEX N131
    SIEMENS SWT-2.3-101
    VESTAS V90
    VESTAS V112
    VESTAS V126
    VESTAS V136

    Our Satisfied Customers

    Wind Controller has agilely developed its own concept. All the necessary services are provided by one agreement, which eventually positively reflects in the prices.

    Pasi Tammivaara, OX2

    Wind Controller is an easily approachable, flexible, evolving and trustworthy partner. They do all the things they promise. Their expertise and skill in wind power is superior to others.

    Heikki Lappalainen, Haminan Energia

    Co-operation between ESE and WiCo is strong and multi-dimensional. Our focus is not solely on our co-operation with customer service, we are also seeing the future together.

    Toni Hannula, Etelä-Savon Energia
    Eesti Energia
    EPV Tuulivoima
    4 Energia