With the speed of wind

On the past Weekend, Saturday 25th of September, we challenged our dear co-operation company OX2 Suomi into a duel.
The challenge was a 10-kilometre run, in the Center of Oulu, Finland, participating in Terwamaraton (Eng. Tar Marathon).

OX2 was up for the challenge. They tied their shoelaces, trained the speed to the maximum and arrived in Oulu for a show down. It was a matter of two strong competitors against each other.

We had a special strength in our team, Tuuli Raunio, our lovely cross-country skier, sponsor athlete. When we asked Tuuli to join our team and the answer was an immediate yes!

I enjoyed the race very much and it was a pleasure to race without my skis, this time in a run. It was also a way to do good, to run for a charity together with my WiCo-team!” says Tuuli.

As earlier mentioned, this was a challenge, and it wouldn’t be one without a price now would it? Winning team would earn the respect and admiration of the losing team, we also wanted there to be a catch.
What better way to do good than to run thru the streets of Oulu. So the catch was, the losing team will make a donation to a charity, chosen by the winning team.

Competition day cleared; the tension was in the air. Who was about to win the title for the fastest team? Which one will be crowned? Who has more speed?

As the outcome, we’ve made a donation to Nälkäpäivä keräys (eng. Hunger Day Collection), the charity chosen by OX2.

Hunger Day is a Finnish Red Cross collection organised in September each year. Hunger Day was born when a volunteer had an idea to organise a fundraising campaign for everyone in their town in 1980. The event quickly spread throughout the country and is currently organised in nearly every Finnish municipality.

During Hunger Day campaign donations are collected for the Disaster Relief Fund. The help is needed by the most vulnerable people in Finland and all around the world.
Right now, the need for aid is the greatest in Afghanistan and Haiti.

Running teams WiCo and OX2 Suomi
Congratulation again to OX2, you won fair and square, but we’ll be waiting for a rematch!