The rising star in cross country skiing, Finnish Championship bronze medalist of 2021, Tuuli Raunio.

To sum up the past season, she’s pleased.

Even though the start of the season was pretty weak, and it insisted real effort to catch the lead, she’s happy with the end results. Ending as a Finnish Championship bronze medalist and as a silver medalist in Team Sprint, she seems to be humble and grateful for the challenges this season brought.

It’s FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships of 2021. Circumstances and prior assumptions were perfect. A beautiful frosty Saturday morning, -20 degrees Celsius and the sun in beaming with light. Tuuli get’s to start her sprint from exactly the same ski trail where she had won the review competition for the distance just a week ago.
The skiers were set and on the mark, go!
Few strong strokes and Tuuli noticed something was wrong.

“The breakage was a disappointment to say the least. For everyone’s surprise, the ski came off the binding and there is nobody that you can blame. It was the sum of many things” says Tuuli.

Tuuli and her trainers tried their best to request a new spot for another start from the competition organizer, but it wasn’t possible because on the statics Tuuli had already started.

It was informed everywhere that Tuuli was suspended. This caused confusion for the fans and everyone supporting Tuuli. Usually if informed that the skier is suspended, the reason is they didn’t have the strength to finish. In sprint skiing the distance is 1,5 kilometers, so usually that never is the case.
However, she still found her strength and she fought her way in the Finnish Championship adult series until the semi-finals and believes that with sisu she was able to make that kind of performance.

Now tougher and stronger, she’s heading to summer camps and then on to the becoming season.
“The best thing about summer, is that you can work out casually when ever you want, as much as you want and as long as you feel right. Right now, my average is around 15 – 20 training hours in a week”

But summer doesn’t only mean training camps and work outs, Tuuli will also dedicate her time to studying. Starting her last year of studies at Vuokatti Sport Academy and High School, she’s heading towards the matriculation examinations.
“I’m interested to continue my education in the future. Engineering studies in biochemistry, science or biotechnology is where I’m aiming.”

The studies may still need to wait, because the thought of having a year off from school has also come across. To focus her time entirely on sports, her eyes light up when we start talking about her spot on the top.
“I still have the will, the strength and the health for it!”  says Tuuli with excitement.

WiCo has kept an eye on Tuuli’s past season and we are super proud and excited for her achievements. The cooperation with a young star like Tuuli has been more than natural. Even our names match!

“She is such a determined and conscientious trainer. With the strength and speed she has developed, it comes no surprise that she has set her goals high. It’s a real joy to be supporting a talented and promising young skier like Tuuli” says WiCos’ Founder and Headman of the Board Jari Valle.

WiCo wishes the sunniest of summer days to Tuuli and to all of our customers and partners!