TuuliWatti and Wind Controller co-operate with wind turbine inspections

TuuliWatti and Wind Controller made a co-operation agreement covering almost 100 wind turbine inspections during 2019. The plants are located all around Finland.

The inspections focus in particular on the statutory annual inspections of safety equipment for power plants. Also the entire plant is inspected.

Kari Koivikko, Managing Director of Wind Controller, says that WiCo has long been cooperating with TuuliWatti. With the new co-operation agreement, Wind Controller’s inspection services will be further expanded: in the year 2019, nearly 300 inspections have been ordered from the company.

“We have a long experience of various wind turbines and their statutory inspections, so we can concentrate on the right things and that makes the inspections as valuable as possible” says Koivikko.

Wind Controller offers inspections for wind turbines from tip of the blade to grid connection.

TuuliWatti Oy is a joint venture of industrial wind power owned by St1 and S-Power. With state-of-the-art technology, TuuliWatti produces clean domestic electricity as cost-effectively as possible. The company develops and builds onshore wind farms.