WiCo expands to Seinäjoki

Something exiting has been brewing for a while now.

As you may have heard, our GWO Trainings have become quite popular and in demand and our participants capacity doubled in the past year.

We’ve had the honour to act as a GWO Certified Training Provider for the eight year in a row. We get to train the personnel of biggest wind power companies and organisations in Finland which has had a huge impact on our growth.
Thank you for trusting us with the safety trainings of your personnel!

We are very excited to inform you our latest expansion, Seinäjoki.

For a good while now, it’s been 4 YEARS, we’ve been searching high and low for functional training facilities in Seinäjoki area. With our high requirements and the stringent demands put on place by Global Wind Organisation Trainings Standard it wasn’t an easy task.

To find a space with a real high sealing that would fill the height requirement, large space to train and close to other necessities, there are not many spaces that met these requirements and we didn’t want to settle on an “ok” one.

We have finally found us the space that will serve us and you as we wish. With two stories high, it gives us the possibility to run two trainings at the same time. Practical training space on the first floor and learning space on the second floor.

With #safetyfirst we are proud to welcome you to come and train at our new Seinäjoki GWO Training Center in May 2022!