Wind Controller starts two new companies – WiCo Inspections and WiCo Safety respond to growing needs of wind park owners

Wind Controller has been the forerunner in the renewable energy business in Finland for almost a decade. We provide renewable energy services for wind parks, solar parks and substations in Europe. Our services have included remote monitoring of power plants and substations, inspection services for wind turbines and their safety equipment, trainings for working at heights and operation management for electrical equipment.

As the demand on the inspections and safety equipment maintenance is ever growing, we want to respond to our customers’ needs better than ever. And that is why we have started two new companies: WiCo Inspections and WiCo Safety.

WiCo Inspections takes care of various inspections of wind turbines either determined by the legislation or needed to support TCM process of the Customer. WiCo Safety’s services include yearly maintenance, repairs and spare parts of wind turbine safety equipment, such as service lifts, ladders, service cranes and fire extinguishers.

The laws and decrees in the wind park inspection and maintenance business are changing towards mandatory certification of inspectors and we want to stay ahead of the game as well.

We are a sovereign and objective operator, so our customers can be sure that the statutory inspections of their wind parks are made exactly by the law and with utmost professionalism. With two new companies it is also easier for us to support our staff’s professional development in their special fields of expertise.

The two companies have experience in various wind turbine manufacturers

WiCo Inspections takes care various type of inspections and specialized measurement projects of wind turbines. Typical wind turbine inspections include e.g. statutory, take over, end of warranty and due diligence inspections. Our experienced team inspects everything from the base of the wind turbine to the tip of the blades. We also provide fire extinguisher inspections, endoscopy and different condition monitoring measurements.

WiCo Inspections team has expertise in the whole life cycle of a power plant, from design table to manufacturing and operation. At the moment we have a certification process ongoing.

You can read more about WiCo Inspections’ services here:

WiCo Safety will be a large player in the wind turbine safety equipment maintenance field in Finland and Sweden. Our trained and experienced team takes care of the yearly maintenance and repairs of wind turbines’ critical safety equipment, like nacelle service crane and wind turbine service lift and the safety ladder. We also inspect your personal protective equipment and fire extinguishers in the turbines. We have a large set of spare parts, which brings time and cost savings, since the repairs can be done on the same visit.

Read more about WiCo Safety from here:

With these changes in our business, we can meet our customers’ needs better. Our vision is to be the leading partner for wind park owners all across the nordic countries.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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